Assessing existing community facilities assets and future needs to support Mackay’s growing population

Mackay Regional Council

Mackay Land for Community Facilities Study

The Mackay region has a diverse network of community facilities, from community halls to sports fields, libraries to aquatic centres. Many of these spaces are provided and/or managed by Mackay Regional Council to support community cohesion, health, wellbeing, and resilience.

Council is currently undertaking a review of its Local Government Infrastructure Plan (LGIP) to inform its future infrastructure planning, land management and investment. Cred Consulting worked with Ethos Urban and Otium Planning Group to undertake a comprehensive review of the existing provision of community infrastructure and active recreation facilities across the region to identify the need for additional land over time, the outcomes of which will feed into the updated LGIP.

How we did it

Our assessment consisted of the following:

  • A review of existing Council strategies, policies and plans
  • Auditing and mapping of existing community infrastructure and active recreation
  • Identification of suitable planning catchment areas – taking into account regional settlement patterns as well as Priority Infrastructure Areas
  • Development of an updated desired standards of service for a range of facility types through a comparative analysis, assessment of existing rates of provision and consultation with various Council stakeholders
  • Assessment of future needs and land requirements.

The team also provided an assessment of land required for other types of Council services, including cemeteries, waste depots and Council works depots. These uses have specific and large land area requirements needing a strategic assessment of existing assets and future needs.

The outcome

This project delivered a robust assessment with a clear set of future land requirements for community facilities and active recreation to support the growth of the Mackay region. It identified opportunities for Council to optimise its existing assets, partnerships to improve access to community facilities and spaces and the need for new community infrastructure over time.