Tiled images displaying vignettes of Waverly's cultural diversity

Enhancing social cohesion, inclusion and community resilience in Waverley

Waverley Council

Waverley Cultural Diversity Strategy and Action Plan

Waverley Council engaged Cred Consulting with subconsultant Andrew Jakubowicz to work collaboratively with Council staff, the community and stakeholders to develop a Cultural Diversity Strategy and Action Plan that aims to enhance social cohesion, inclusion and community resilience for people of all backgrounds.

Located in the heart of Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs, Waverley has long attracted people from all over the globe to live, work and visit. While Waverley is not always perceived to be a culturally-diverse community, the council area is home to people from all parts of the world who speak more than 30 different languages, adhere to many different religious views and maintain various cultural practices.

Waverley is also one of the most highly-visited local government areas in Australia. Bondi Beach is a popular destination for both local and national visitors, as well as international visitors, including holiday makers, short term residents and back-packers. On hot days, our beaches are inhabited by people from many different cultural backgrounds – a reflection of multicultural Australia.

Cred conducted community engagement to inform the Waverley Cultural Diversity Strategy.


How we did it

We were excited to work with a client that was keen to pursue innovative and new approaches to supporting people of all backgrounds through their work.

As part of developing the Cultural Diversity Strategy, Cred conducted extensive research into local government best practices in supporting culturally-diverse communities across Sydney, Australia and globally. This resulted in an extensive catalogue of ideas for implementation in Waverley, many of which are being actioned through the ten-year Strategy.

Cred also conducted community and stakeholder engagement, including meetings and focus groups with Council staff, community groups, service providers and government agencies, as well as an online community survey, to inform the development of the Strategy.

Infographic of cultural diversity in Waverley

The outcome

We are proud of this Strategy, which seeks to enhance social cohesion, inclusion and community resilience within Waverley with the aim to foster a community that can survive, adapt and grow no matter what kinds of chronic stresses or acute shocks they experience.