Exploring women’s night-time safety and community needs with walking workshops

Fairfield City Council; Penrith City Council

Night Walks: Walking workshops in Fairfield and Penrith

There is no better way to understand a place than to walk and talk to the community who live there. Cred has conducted Night Walks with local communities to understand experience of their local place at night, and what is needed to create more inclusive public spaces. Cred also produced 15-min audiograms of our night walks.

Cabramatta Night Walk

In 2019, Cred was engaged by Fairfield City Council to conduct a Night Walk in Cabramatta, to explore use of public open space and community facilities in the area. Cabramatta is located in close proximity to the train station, has high-density housing surrounding the centre, and its low provision of open space meant that public streets become important places for exercise and socialising.

The findings from the Cabramatta Night Walk informed the Community Facilities and Open Space Needs Study, which identified current deficits and future needs resulting from population growth and change.

Kingswood Women's Night Walk

Research indicates that women feel more unsafe to engage with their public spaces and therefore refrain from making full use of public spaces.

In September 2020, Cred conducted a Women’s Night Walk, which was aimed at understanding how women experience places at night time, what places made them feel welcome and safe, and improvements can be made to create inclusive spaces.

The findings from this Night Walk has informed the Kingswood Place Plan and the testing of low-cost, high impact interventions to support walkability and activation in the heart of Kingswood.

Listen to our Audiogram from our Women's Night Walk on behalf of and in collaboration with Sydney's Penrith City Council. This audiogram of the Night Walk was produced by freelance audio producer and place enthusiast Jason L’Ecuyer.

Listen to our Audiogram from one of Cred's Cabramatta Night Walks.