Housing the future population of Frankston City

Frankston City Council, VIC

Frankston Housing Strategy Engagement

Frankston City is growing. Over the next 15 years its population is expected to increase by 20,000 people who will live in 9,000 new homes. Frankston City Council wanted to develop a Housing Strategy that was informed by resident’s and stakeholder’s values and views.

Council engaged Cred and CoFutures to develop a comprehensive communication and engagement program to understand residents and stakeholders’ values, aspirations, concerns and challenges with housing in Frankston City.

Engagement was undertaken over two phases. The first was focused on understanding people’s housing preferences, needs and ideas for the future. It drew on, and presented, the findings from background analysis undertaken by Tract Consulting (Town Planners) and Urban Enterprise (Economics). We developed four key themes to underpin the project engagement and communications:

  • Housing choice – We have a mix of different housing types that provides choice to people of different ages, abilities, incomes and cultures.
  • New homes in the right places – New housing is delivered in the right locations to support the affordability, sustainability and character of our suburbs.
  • Housing affordability – Providing different housing options for a range of incomes, particularly those households on low to moderate incomes.
  • Well designed housing – New housing is well designed, environmentally efficient and resilient, and supports a good quality of life for the people who live there.
  • Enhancing what makes our neighbourhoods special – New housing responds to its surrounding area and enhances the character of our suburbs.

Once the draft Housing Strategy is developed our project teams will undertake further engagement with community and stakeholders to gain feedback on its key directions and actions.

Visit the Frankston Housing Strategy webpage, and see our explainer video:


How we did it

Cred, in conjunction with Co-Futures, delivered community and stakeholder engagement about the housing strategy. We:

  • undertook stakeholder mapping and developed an engagement strategy
  • developed a suite of engaging, relatable, visual and plain English communication materials including an explainer video and discussion paper
  • created an online survey
  • supported Council who undertook 12 pop-up housing strategy engagement events to talk directly with people from every suburb across the City
  • undertook a youth workshop
  • delivered an industry workshop where we heard from local developers, planning consultants and real estate agents to understand market trends as well as opportunities to improve policy
  • hosted a deliberative workshop with 35 community members of different ages from across the City to explore a range of housing growth and change issues and challenges
  • undertook targeted engagement with representatives from Council’s disability and inclusion committee, homelessness alliance and key educational and health institutions
  • delivered an online webinar
  • provided a comprehensive engagement summary report, and
  • reported back on how community engagement was used to develop the Frankston City Housing Strategy.


Workshop with the Frankston community.

The outcome

Over 700 people engaged in the first round of consultation on the Frankston City Housing Strategy project. Their feedback helped to understand the range of issues, opportunities and needs for diverse housing across the diverse suburbs of Frankston City. This will help to ensure that all new housing will be the right mix, in the right place, well designed and will fit in with each suburb’s character.