Reimagining uses of industrial lands through interactive engagement

Leamac Property Group

Turella Tomorrow: A re-imagined employment precinct of the future consultation

How do we reimagine industrial lands to accommodate residential, urban services and creative uses, which are in-demand spaces in inner-Sydney?

To answer this question, in April 2021, Cred was engaged by Leamac Property Group to inform the revitalisation of Turrella – a unique place on the banks of the Wolli Creek in inner Sydney. Cred designed and delivered ‘Turella Tomorrow’, an invitation-only event with key industry stakeholders, to explore how residential and employment uses can live, play and create together.

Cred’s engagement specialist, Phoebe Schumacher. (Source: Anni Payne ©).

Our approach

We designed and facilitated the industry event as part of a critical discussion to help shape the future of Turrella.

Conversations with workshop participants reviewed, rated and discussed inspiration images to explore needs, desires and ideas for the possible uses and functions of industrial lands in the future. The event showcased local creative producers, who provided food and drinks and were interviewed throughout the evening.

With current operations in the Turrella area are undermining its unique waterfront environment and its potential to form part of Sydney’s blue and green grid, participants were encouraged to explore issues, opportunities and solutions for Turrella as a future employment and residential precinct, while participating in interactive engagement activities, which included the opportunity to take a ride in a truck to experience first-hand the opportunities and challenges of the area.

The Indigenous story and continuing connection to place was shared and discussed with participants (Source: Anni Payne ©).
Workshop participants at a table discussing with workshop materials
Participants workshopping aspirations, needs and aims for Turella Tomorrow (Source: Anni Payne ©)
Two barmen at a styled local drinks stand at the event
Cred hosted the Turrella industry event with a range of stalls and activities (Source: Anni Payne ©).
Phoebe Schumacher gathering post-its of participant contributions
Cred’s engagement specialist, Phoebe Schumacher gathering participant contributions (Source: Anni Payne ©).

The outcome

Turrella provides an opportunity to create an exemplar to demonstrate how industrial can sit comfortably – and side-by-side – with high-quality residential, while unlocking community benefit and access to Sydney’s blue and green grid. Turrella can lead the way in creating a local place supporting post pandemic living that blends work and home through quality amenity and public spaces.