Shaping regional growth in Queensland’s far north

Cairns Regional Council, QLD

Cairns Regional Growth Plan – Community Infrastructure and Open Space Plan

Cairns provides a unique and highly desirable lifestyle for its residents, and is an attractive destination for international and domestic visitors. It is surrounded by nature, bounded by the Great Barrier Reef and the Wet Tropics of Queensland’s World Heritage Areas, with long sandy beaches, vibrant communities, abundant marine life and pristine parks. It is the key service centre for North Queensland – home to 168,500 people and projected to grow by another 95,338 residents by 2050.

Cred Consulting is engaged as part of the Towards 2050 Collective, a multidisciplinary team led by Wolters Consulting Group, to deliver a Regional Growth Plan for Cairns Regional Council.

Cred is bringing its people-first approach to planning to provide input into the development of the plan’s Housing Strategy. We will be researching housing and households trends, as well as opportunities for affordable and social housing to ensure Cairns can be a home to everyone.

Our team is also leading the development of a social infrastructure and open space strategy to ensure that the region’s future growth supports the liveability and resilience of its community.

Cred’s project inputs will help to shape the regional growth plan, as well as changes to the planning scheme. We will also develop recommendations for future investment, partnerships and advocacy to help set Cairns up for a bright future.