Our purpose is to collaboratively create complete communities and social cities.

Our story

Working as a consultant with various communities and government agencies, Sarah Reilly conceived Cred in 2013 as a visionary consultancy to guide socially focused planning and development and to infuse decisions with social research and meaningful engagement and partnership with local communities.

Cred is now an industry leading, female-led, purpose driven and award-winning consultancy comprising of urban planners, strategists, sociologists, designers and engagement specialists with the insight, influence and innovation to deliver real, actionable results – for people, by people.

On behalf of our private, not-for-profit and government sector clients, we’ve worked with hundreds of communities and talked to thousands of people to plan for places, cities and communities they feel connected to and love.

We embrace collaboration, excellence, fun, and new ways of doing things, while our values of co-creation, curiosity and courage define who we are and what we do. We know that diversity, inclusion and respect are key to building resilient, cohesive and complete communities and social cities that deliver social value.

I care deeply about people and everyone having equal opportunities to live happy, healthy, and resilient lives.
My vision is that Cred can lead the way to make positive change happen for every person and for our future generations.
Sarah Reilly, Managing Director, Cred Consulting

Our purpose is to create social cities & complete communities

Social cities©

A social city is one that provides the places, spaces and networks for people to connect with each other, as well as the services, programs, groups and opportunities that give people a voice in decision making that impacts them and shapes their future. Social cities are loving cities, that recognise that our diversity is our strength, and that support people and communities to be healthy, to be resilient and to thrive.

Complete communities©

How we connect, who we connect with and the networks we create can be supported through the elements that make up complete communities. Complete communities aren’t just loveable, they’re loving. They’re not just liveable, they’re inclusive and equitable for all. Complete communities are engaged with each other, with the decisions that affect them, and with the places and spaces around them.