Welcome to Lucy Ward

By Cred Consulting

by Cred Consulting

January, 2022

A fresh year, and a fresh face – we are thrilled to welcome Lucy Ward to Cred, in the role of Graphic Designer!

Coming highly-qualified with Bachelor degrees in both Visual Communication and Creative Intelligence & Innovation from UTS, Lucy pairs her graphic design skills with a focus on user experience to create unique responses to briefs. She’s not just creative in her designs, but also in her thinking: “I love the combination of design and problem solving,” says Lucy, whose signature style is bold typography and hand-drawn illustrations, “but I like to mix things up and tailor my designs to whatever purpose I’m trying to achieve.”

Lucy is passionate about creating positive social outcomes through her designs. Before joining Cred, Lucy co-founded TouchBase – a start-up that makes smartphones easier to use for people who are elderly, and people with a disability. The mission was to increase connection for vulnerable communities at a time when staying safe meant staying apart: “I love that design creates accessibility to content and ideas.”

Lucy will be working alongside our consultants on a range of tasks, from visualising data to project branding. Adds Lucy, “The team is really supportive and the focus on collaboration creates the best atmosphere and project outcomes.”