Working alongside First Nations Communities as expert partners

By Cred Consulting

by Cred Consulting

June, 2023

Working alongside First Nations communities as expert partners can lead to better relationships and better outcomes.

Cred Consulting and the Gaimaragal Group have worked together in partnership on a number of projects where we have been working alongside First Nations people as expert partners and decision makers.

This approach establishes connection and trust through open dialogue, identifying and prioritising the needs and aspirations of community and empowering and amplifying their voices by being a partner in decision making – which ultimately contributes to more culturally appropriate and shared solutions and practices being developed.

As a part of Reconciliation Week 2023, Jen from Cred Consulting and Susan Moylan-Coombs from the Gaimaragal Group came together to deliver a free webinar for industry professionals where they discussed:

  • How to approach working alongside First Nations communities
  • The importance of working alongside First Nations communities
  • Stories of success and inspiration


You can watch a recording of the Webinar below:

Get to know our panel:

Jen Guice – Director, Strategic Engagement and Research

Jen is an innovator in designing and delivering creative participatory engagement. She believes strongly that genuine engagement leads to a stronger democracy and is interested in the confluence between people, environment and culture in cities. Jen has 25 year’s experience in community and stakeholder engagement, strategic communications advice and strategy development working for local and State Government, not-for-profits and the private sector in Australia.






Susan Moylan-Coombs – Director the Gaimaragal Group

Susan’s ancestry is Woolwonga and Gurindji from the Northern Territory. She has extensive experience working with First Australian communities nationally and internationally, with specific expertise in community consultation, empowerment and the facilitation of voice and storytelling. Susan previously held the positions of Executive Producer ABC’s Indigenous Programs Unit and Head of Production, NITV a division of SBS. Susan uses her expertise to work with mainstream organisations and communities in the provision of cultural competency and immersion sessions as well as social planning processes.


Creducation series

This event is part of our new Creducation Webinar Series, brought to you by Cred Consulting’s team of social planners and community engagement specialists, along with our partners, as part of our commitment to sharing knowledge, research and insights to help plan for and create sustainable and resilient communities.

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