Our services enable you to build strong relationships, create strategy and unlock social value.


We deliver research that explores social, cultural and place attributes, trends, needs and issues and provides the evidence and data needed for informed outcomes.

We know that evidence-based research around community needs is the foundation of successful plans and strategies that can be implemented and evaluated. Having evidence that is current, local and relevant is critical. We draw on a variety of qualitative and quantitative research methodologies designed for nuanced project needs.

By deep diving into the characteristics, qualities, trends and needs of people and places, we provide social intelligence to understand challenges and uncover opportunities for our clients and the communities they serve.

What we can do for you
  • People and place needs analysis
  • Community sentiment analysis
  • Project and policy evaluation and review
  • Public space needs and evaluation
  • Social, cultural and recreational needs analysis and evaluation
  • Spatial needs analysis

PIA NSW Awards for Planning Excellence
Commendation – Planning Research award for ‘Connecting the Disaster Dots: Helping CALD communities prepare for, deal with and recover from emergencies’

PIA NSW Awards for Planning Excellence
Winner – Planning Research award for ‘Fairfield City Secondary Dwellings Study’

Greater Sydney Commission Planning Awards
Winner – Planning disruptor award for ‘On the Go: How women travel around our city’


We design, deliver, and co-create industry-leading, collaborative, and inclusive community and stakeholder engagement that informs, inspires, and creates consensus.

We believe that no one knows their communities better than the people that live, work and visit them. Understanding the lived experience of communities and user groups, and listening to their insights and aspirations, drives the design and delivery to create and support thriving resilient communities and places.

We spend time getting to know stakeholder groups and communities, enabling relationships and building trust and consensus – from project inception to delivery. We are experts in engaging with culturally and socially-diverse communities and value the contribution of children and young people.

We use inclusive, strategic and creative engagement methods including design thinking, deliberation, focus groups, participatory mapping, creative workshopping, visual storytelling, online engagement, surveys and polls – and so much more!

What we can do for you
  • Consensus and relationship building
  • Stakeholder mapping and engagement plans
  • Strategic communications
  • Online and face-to-face workshops, focus groups and interviews
  • Place based walk-shops, pop-ups, drop-ins, and community events
  • Surveys, polls and interactive mapping
  • In-depth and public-facing reports

PIA NSW Awards for Planning Excellence
Winner – Stakeholder Engagement award for ‘Child-oriented engagement to inform the Sir Joseph Banks Park Masterplan’

PIA NSW Awards for Planning Excellence 
Winner – Stakeholder Engagement award for ‘Engagement to inform the Oxford Street Strategic Review’

PIA National Awards for Planning Excellence 
Winner – Public Engagement and Community Planning for ‘”Paint Your Parra” Youth engagement’ 

Engagement project highlights


We deliver accurate, meaningful and measurable strategies and plans built on strong evidence, leading practice, and stakeholder collaboration.

We know that successful strategies and plans are ones that have been co-created with the people and stakeholders who they impact and will be delivering them. We can facilitate and develop meaningful relationships and knowledge to get everyone on-board to move your collective vision forward.

Our passionate team bring curiosity, depth of knowledge and understanding of stakeholder needs and interests into the development of strategies, policies and plans.

We provide rich research and community and stakeholder engagement to strengthen our strong understanding of social and strategic planning, and expertise and experience of how services, policies and plans are delivered.

What we can do for you
  • Social cohesion, wellbeing and sustainability strategies
  • Community and place resilience strategies
  • Public open space and recreation strategies
  • Social infrastructure and library strategies
  • Organisational strategic plans
  • Cultural and creative strategies
  • Community Strategic Plans
  • Youth, Seniors, and DIAPs

Parks & Leisure Australia NSW/ACT Awards of Excellence 
Winner – Strategic and Master Planning award for ‘Parramatta “Heart of Play” Masterplan


Social Value

We are leaders in delivering social value, community benefit, social cohesion, and resilience outcomes for people, places and projects.

Increasingly, the public and private sector is embedding the language of social value in decision making and is willing to invest in initiatives that create it. We work with our clients to understand, plan for, and deliver social value through planning processes and investment.

We can help you put the ‘S’ in ESG by working together to identify community needs that are the most important to your business and the people you impact; tackling global challenges through local actions will result in more socially cohesive, vibrant, happy and resilient communities.

We help you identify key indicators, metrics, and targets that measure and communicate the positive impact of your activities on communities, places and cities.

What we can do for you
  • Social cohesion plans and strategies
  • Social value and community investment planning
  • Community Benefit Analysis (CBA) to inform development plans
  • Social Impact Assessment
  • Social value capacity building and training for corporates

NSW Government and Committee of Sydney Public Space Ideas Competition 
Winner – Best Open Space Idea for ‘Urban Micro-Meadows’

Social value project highlights


We use our technical expertise, industry knowledge, and community insights to prepare plain-English communications that are clear, effective and risk-free.

We are experts in design thinking and strategic communications to bring stakeholders on the journey to create place, organisational or community visions, principles and strategic plans.

We are leaders in written, interpersonal and visual communications that set your project up for success with clearly understood intentions to reach the right stakeholders, the right way, from the start.

We use our communications and graphic design expertise to write and create powerful branding and engaging and clear materials to enhance your project narrative. By understanding data and communicating it well, we build a complete picture of a city, place or community to inform your next steps.

What we can do for you
  • Strategic communications
  • Social science communications
  • Project branding and messaging
  • Visual communications and mapping
  • MCing, keynotes and moderation
  • Webinars, forums, and project videos

Communications project highlights

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