Creating communities for all… or just more houses?

By Cred Consulting

by Cred Consulting

April, 2024

Dwelling targets are being set for the fast tracking of delivery of low, medium and high density housing across our cities, but not always alongside planning for the social assets and affordable housing we need for health, wellbeing and resilience.

How do dwelling targets translate to ‘people’? Who are the people likely to be? What does that mean they will need in terms of housing quality and diversity, parks, recreation facilities, libraries, safe and walkable streets, social and health services, and new schools? No place or community is the same, and they can’t all be planned the same way.

At this webinar, our experts Sarah Reilly (Managing Director, Cred Consulting), Julia Miller Randle (Director, Cred Consulting), and Nenad Petrovic from .id and Frankie Layson from SJB talked about how we can create communities for all, not just more houses. How when we understand who the people are who will be living in our growth areas, and what their community, social and cultural needs are upfront, we can design and consider those needs early in the planning process – before it’s too late.

In the midst of the housing affordability crisis, perhaps it’s time to take a breath and start from first principles and ‘evidence based need’. Thinking about the type of places and communities we want to create, and how housing targets fit into those places. And not the other way around."

Sarah Reilly, Cred Consulting