Learn about our engagement framework

By Cred Consulting

by Cred Consulting

November, 2023

It’s time for a fresh look at engagement.

Community members and other stakeholders are being asked to participate more in engagement processes for a wide range of purposes. But often there is a lack of clarity on ‘why’ we are engaging, ‘who’ we need to engage with, and ‘what’ we want to understand, influence or impact through these engagement processes. We’ve taken a fresh look at engagement processes to address some of these issues.

Managing Director Sarah Reilly, Director Jen Guice and Director Julia Miller-Randle came together to deliver a free webinar for industry professionals where they introduced our six ‘C’s of engagement framework and discussed:

  • What engagement is
  • What engagement is not
  • The six ‘C’s of engagement framework
  • Case studies of how we have applied the framework successfully

You can watch a recording of the webinar below. To download the framework, click here.